We don’t Trade Lives

Summer is one of my favorite times of year! The warm weather, the freedom to be out and about, the opportunity to let the kids get out of the house, and most of all, the movies. If you’re a movie junkie like me, then you know all the best movies come out during the summer time.

One of the things I absolutely love to do when I’m watching a movie is assess the different worldviews that are present within the story. Of course, usually the writers are ultimately trying to push one primary worldview, and sadly in today's Hollywood culture, it’s usually some liberal progressive narrative. Even though this is the case, sometimes a little truth can creep into the narrative, even if accidentally. After all, even Hollywood has to live in the world God created.

Such was the case in the most recent Avengers movie, Infinity War. There is a certain point in the movie where Steve Rogers (Captain America) said something that is so profoundly true that it warrants our consideration as advocates for the pre-born. It’s no surprise to anyone who has been watching this run of movies that such a notable comment would come from Rogers. After all, he is the principled character in the story. He reasons according to moral imperatives. To him there are no gray areas. Everything is black and white, right and wrong, good and evil, no ifs, ands or buts. That’s why he is my kind of character.

Anyway, without spoiling the movie, at a certain point Rogers and another character named Vision are trying to figure out a resolution to the big problem in the story. Vision has a plan, but it requires them to sacrifice one person, and if they do that then they can save a lot of lives. As they are working through the plan together, eventually Rogers settles the discussion by simply and plainly stating “We don’t trade lives.” And that’s it. The plan is squashed, and from there they begin to work on another solution.

Take just a brief moment and consider the worldview that undergirds that statement. He rejects the utilitarian view that we should sacrifice some lives at the expense of saving others and instead begins with the premise that each life has inherent value, and therefore, the individual should not be put on the auction block, regardless of how many other lives it may save.

Now friend, let us consider for a moment:  how might things look different in our fight to end abortion if we all had the moral fortitude to declare “We don’t trade lives” and then to stand on that principle? The statement itself rests upon all of the ideals that we claim to embrace. Things like the value, dignity, and worth of every human life. If we truly believe that life does begin at the moment of conception, then why are there so many of us who are willing to sacrifice some babies in order to save others?

For far too long, the leaders of the pro life movement and of the political establishment in the Republican party here in Indiana have been willing to make compromises that sacrifice some lives in order to potentially save a few others. As a direct result of this failed strategy every single day in the state of Indiana 20 babies are slaughtered in their mother's womb.

Friend, isn’t it time for us to start demanding policies and legislation that more consistently reflects our principles? Isn’t it time to stop trading lives through the unjust practice of regulating abortion? Isn’t it time for the leaders in our state to get behind the Protection at Conception Act, and end this holocaust in our state? And, isn’t it time for you to start using your voice to speak up on behalf of your preborn neighbor?