About Us

The 1 Truth Project is a ministry of Aletheia Church, that exists to bring the 1 Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ into conflict with the idols of our day. But talking about how the Gospel contradicts the idols of our day in the closed rooms of our Bible Studies and in the ornate sanctuaries of our worship services is not enough. We believe that in addition to these, the Church should be where the idols are worshiped, informing and transforming idolaters through the power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This may not be the most comfortable prospect, but it is the way of Jesus. It is the way of the Apostles. It is the way of the early Church. It must be the way of the Church today.

The 1 Truth Project is a ministry of Aletheia Church. It is overseen by the elders of Aletheia Church, but not limited to Aletheia Church’s membership. Our goal is NOT to gather bold Christians to a parachurch organization and take them away from the Church, rather it is a ministry of the local Church designed to train Christians so that they can strengthen their own local Church.

So we invite you to check out the pages, see what we are all about. Prayerfully consider how you might want to be involved in this important ministry. Consult your pastor and elders, and come out and join us as we minister together to the glory of His Kingdom!